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An ongoing series of informational entries

An introduction


My Name is David Allan, I have been a teacher for the last 21 years. My subjects are Business, Economics and ICT.  All culminating in eLearning.  I started as a GNVQ co-ordinator in the City of Sunderland. Progressed to Head of the department in a Teeside school. After a number of years, I decided that I needed some international experience and successfully gained a position as a head of a faculty in school in Thailand.

After two years, I decided as it was the end of my contract that I would look further afield. Christchurch, New Zealand would be my next step as their Director of eLearning.

After a year, I was not feeling too well and decided to come back to the UK for a visit.  However, life as it was changed forever within two weeks of getting back.  I collapsed at home and the next thing I knew it was April, and I had been in a coma for almost 4 months.

I was suffering from pneumonia but oh no not me, I had to have double pneumonia with the added complication of critical care peripheral neuropathy as a result of my prolonged stay in ICU & HDU.

After over a year in a hospital, it transpired that I may not be able to get back into teaching for a while.  I'm not one for just sitting around and by the following October of 2016, I decided to do an MA reading Education.

My time at uni was not as smooth as I would have liked. I had a couple of academic issues and further medical problems ( I went blind twice and needed surgery).  Strangely, I was drawn to investigate resilience and wellbeing. I know, who'd of guessed it.

My MA thesis left me with more questions than answers and I found myself on a road to a PhD investigating Teacher Resilience & Wellbeing.

Research update


The image to the left is a snapshot of the current research. The data capture window has been open for three months and I am please that is is at the halfway point for the required 300 participants.

I have also presented my research idea at BERA and submitted the poster and an abstract for #BERA2020.

The digital campaign is also going well on various platforms such as Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn and Instagram.